Wearing Bachelorette

Earlier this year, I published my first original knitwear pattern. It’s an incredibly versatile accessory, and I wanted to showcase some of the ways it can be worn. You can purchase the pattern via my Ravelry store here. I am currently working up an inventory to sell online or in person eventually, but that part is slow-goings. Keep in mind that I am not good at sketching… I was using Procreate on my iPad to trace incredibly unflattering photographs I took of myself wearing Bachelorette in the below fashions.

Bachelorette As A Cowl

…As A Cowl: With the narrowest part (i.e. the beginning of the round) against the back of your neck, twist the loop and drape around your neck twice, so there are three layers in total, with the widest part of Bachelorette in the front. Wearing Bachelorette this way showcases the lace pattern used, and is best when wearing a v-neck or otherwise low-cut top.

Bachelorette As A Kerchief

…As A Kerchief: Fold Bachelorette so that there’s a crease in the middle of the narrowest end, and a crease in the middle of the widest end. Pull the narrow end through the loop at the wider end and pull snug around your neck. Like the cowl, this will showcase the lace pattern and will be best worn with low-cut tops, but is a tad easier to put on and take off if you’re constantly moving between warmer and colder environments. This is also probably the most masculine way of wearing it, and looks great under a heavy coat.

Bachelorette As A Hood

…As A Hood: With the narrowest end draped in front of your neck, twist the loop and bring around your neck twice, just like the cowl but backwards. This puts the large lace panel behind you, which can then be pulled up over your head as a hood, or left down to remain cowl-like. Wearing Bachelorette like this doesn’t cover as much of your upper chest as it does as a cowl, since most of the fabric is redistributed to the back of your head for the hood. The lace panel will be largely visible from behind, and the airiness will keep you warm while still allowing heat to escape from the top of your head so you don’t get too warm.

Bachelorette As A Single Shoulder Shawl

…As A Single Shoulder Shawl: Twist Bachelorette once, so it creates a loop two layers deep with the narrowest end inside of the widest end. Insert one arm and your head through the loop, lining up the wider end over your shoulder blade. For optimal comfort and to minimize bunching, you may want to redistribute the narrow end so that it rests over the top of your arm instead of against your neck; this will keep Bachelorette snugly in place.

Bachelorette As A Double Shoulder Shawl

…As A Double Shoulder Shawl: With the narrowest end just above the small of your back, twist Bachelorette once in the front of your body and pull the wide end over your head and shoulders. Wearing Bachelorette in this way is an elegant addition to a simple cocktail dress.


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